Foundation Genetics Book & Articles

Foundation genetics book - pt.1

Part 1

Part one of the guide is aimed at guiding the novice through the complexities of genetics. We define terminology and then present examples as to how those terms are used to describe what we see. We use many Crested gecko examples to help explain what we see in the hobby today and how different genes affect one another to create the overall paint job of the animal. This is a living document, which means as our knowledge grows we will continue to modify the document, this information can be seen at the top with a revision number and date.

Foundation genetics book - pt.2.0-2.2

Part 2

Part two is the traits and morph guide. Once you have a good understanding of things in part 1, this morph guide will outline every gene we can control through breeding to make particular phenotypes. We will also cover how those genes combine to make the combo morphs we have in the hobby today. Finally, we cover line breeding, how it works, what a line is, and how line breeding has affected the genes over the last 20 years. Other topics addressed are misconceptions in the community to help understand why some results can be so confusing. This is a culmination of work by multiple breeders in the community that helped to define this information from 1998-current. Enjoy, have fun and ask questions but be respectful.

Foundation genetics Articles

Cappuccino Guide

The Cappuccino guide, written by RCK in collaboration with Foundation Genetics team.

Cappuccino PSA

A super cappuccino PSA.

Finding Phantom

Many users in the community, newcomers and seasoned breeders alike have trouble identifying phantom. This is a quick article written by Tom to help in identifying potential Het and Hzg animals.

Super Sable & Luwak

New details about the newest trait in the hobby and trait interactions

Sable vs. Cappuccino Discussion

This article discusses where we are in the roadmap for identifying the inheritance and differences between Sable and Cappuccino. The article outlines allelism and competing theories being discussed and includes some of the math behind the problem which makes a trait allelic vs non-allelic.

This article outlines the combo traits responsible for the Brindlequin combo morph. Defining it in Foundation Genetics.