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Have an ID?

If you have an ID you can find your crestie's parents here. Our IDs look something like this (LY20_0102_UA). The 1st letter is the initial of the male's name and 2nd is the initial of the first letter in the female's name. In the example above, LY=Laxus X Yuki. It is then followed by the breeding season, having a look at the breeding seasons page will show you exactly which 2 letters and number combo refer to which breeders.

So here's the break down:

  • LY = Laxus X Yuki
  • 20 = The breeding season
  • 0102 = Hatch-Date 01/02, January 2nd in the case.
  • U/M/F = The sex of the animal, Unsexed, Male, or Female respectively.
  • A/B = Clutch mates, A is the first one out of the egg, B is the second.
  • Finally, if your ID ends in -##g then that's the weight in grams.

**NOTE** For adults with the same first letter in their name visit our Breeding Seasons Page to see exactly what we bred for your particular ID.

A little about our breeders

Our Breeders come from Allen Repashy, Philippe de Vosjoli, Northern Gecko, Lick Your Eyeballs, and Gecko Kings! We've hand-selected our collection since 2010, and chosen only animals with A quality structure. Although Gargs have been in the hobby since the 1970's they have had little focus until the late 90's and early 2000's. Gargs are some of the brightest geckos that we can selectively breed for, and come in a wide array of traits and color combinations. We have a strong understanding of genetics and use that to define traits and create morphs and new phenotypes.

Below you will see a list of our breeders, their morph, or combo morph, and identifiable traits with their inheritance. We actively update these so if you don't see it fully filled in it's because we are still breeding the traits out.

If you want to learn more about Genetics have a look at our Genetics page under info. Another great resource is the Gargoyle Geckos book by Philippe de Vosjoli, Allen Repashy, and Frank Fast.


All Might

All Might is one of our brightest Yellow Citrus boys, we have a couple unrelated groups that we like to blend Tiger into which is whats creating the pattern on the laterals. Cream and Citrus, and Tangerine and citrus combos are when the colors REALLY start to POP! He has excellent head structure that passes on to his offspring. We usually pair him to Winry which make some of our King's Crown heads where the crests extend down past the neck, we put a lot of work into structure with these lines now several generations deep.


Partial Pinstripe


Dalmatian (heterozygous)

King's Crown (Crest extending down the neck)

Base Traits: