Terms & Conditions

100% Live Arrival, Healthy Arrival Guaranteed
Live, 100% Healthy arrival is guaranteed. The only two criteria for that guarantee are that temperatures on our end and your end must be safe, and someone must be available to accept the package on the first delivery attempt, as we can't have animals being trucked around on the back of a hot or cold FedEx truck all day.

In the case of a DOA or unhealthy arrival (very rare), you must notify me within 12 hours of receipt. In this extremely unlikely event, photographic proof will be required, regardless of how well I know you (sorry, but I have to be fair with everyone). If you cannot provide photographs, you will be required to send the expired/sick animals back via next-day shipping at your own expense. Seriously folks, who doesn't have a camera phone or a cheap digital camera?

10 Day Health Guarantee - Excludes Wholesale Orders

Your new reptile is guaranteed to be in 100% perfect health for 10 days. This is about 3 days longer than most reptile dealers/breeders. I can do this because 99% of the animals I sell are produced here and I know they're in perfect health when they leave here.

Health Guarantee Terms - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY

1. Do not delay in asking for assistance!!
In the event that an animal begins to exhibit signs of a health issue, please contact me within 24 hours so that I can try to help you remedy the problem before it's too late. This is very important, and failure to do so WILL void your guarantee.

2. Deceased Animals
In the event that an animal needs to be replaced, a photograph of the deceased animal will be required. Do not take it personally when you are asked for photographic proof. This is something we ask of all customers in order to be fair with everyone, and also so that we can get somewhat of an idea of what caused the death.

3. Returns & Replacements
Any live animal being replaced must be returned at your expense unless otherwise agreed upon before a replacement is sent out. Once it has been determined that your claim is valid, we will ship out your replacements at our expense.

Health claims must be submitted to us via email within 14 days of the original ship date. Claims made after 14 days are null and void, with no exceptions.

The customer must request and accept shipment of the replacement animal(s) within 90 days of the original ship date. Health claims over 90 days old will be considered null and void, with no exceptions.

*** Animals that were sent free of charge may be covered by a health guarantee but will only ship with your next order.

4. Gecko Feeding Issues Excluded
Crested and gargoyle geckos must be provided with a proper diet. We offer our geckos Pangea, and Repashy diet, so I cannot guarantee our geckos will eat other products when they first arrive. We also offer live insects dusted with calcium/D3.

Please Note: Plenty of diet products are marketed as a complete gecko diet, but in our experience geckos do not thrive when being offered most diets exclusively (without insects regularly in the diet). While we feed insects every week when weather permits shipping, we have gone 2-3 months over the winter only offering Pangea r Repashy, and our geckos seemed to maintain their weight very well, and egg production was consistent. The same cannot be said for any other diet product we've used.

5. Seven (7) Day Health Guarantee for Wholesale Orders
Any order of several (usually 10+) animals sold without individual photos is considered a wholesale order. Wholesale orders will be given a 7-day health guarantee. Please do not order large numbers of hatchling geckos unless you have first-hand experience.

6. Shipping Policies and Guidelines MUST be adhered to.

All Shipment Scheduling Pending Safe Weather Conditions
Safe shipping temperatures are something we take very seriously here - they are literally a matter of life or death. We only ship when temperatures are safe.

Minimum Overnight Low: Above 40 F

Maximum Daytime High: 78 F for geckos and 88F for pythons.

* No refunds will be given due to delays due to lack of safe weather conditions. We will gladly hold reptiles until it is safe to ship, but we cannot offer refunds due to shipping delays.

* If a customer files an "item not received" complaint with PayPal or their credit card company, their order(s) will be shipped immediately, without prior notice, on the next regular shipping day (Monday through Wednesday), and tracking will be provided to PayPal. These shipments will be packed to the best of our ability, using cold or heat packs, and adult signature will be required upon delivery. Shipping in these cases will be done solely at the customer's risk - all health and live arrival guarantees are forfeited. PayPal has described this behavior as "gross misuse" of their buyer protection policies, and customers who engage in this practice will be refused service here in the future.

7. Overheating Kills More Crested Geckos than ANYTHING ELSE!






Lil Monsters Reptiles ships during the week Monday-Wednesday with the exception of holidays. It is your responsibility to contact us and set up shipping when weather permits safe shipping and arrival. Lil Monsters Reptiles ships Priority Overnight with FedEx. There will be an extra charge for cold or hot weather shipping of $25 for larger boxes and cold/heat packs.

Shipping Temps.
Normal: We ship between 60-80 with no cold/heat pack.
Extreme Temps: 38-60 a heat pack is required. (Ships to hub)
Extreme Temps: 80-92 requires a cold is pack. (Ships to hub)
Outside of those ranges, we prefer to wait for safe weather and will hold your animal until the weather permits safe shipping.

We are not responsible for carrier delays or mishandling resulting in late arrival on shipments. We do not offer refunds on shipping fees due to late deliveries. In some instances, we may offer a store credit for a partial amount of the shipping fee.
All animals have a live and healthy arrival guarantee. We cannot offer any guarantee after the arrival. If your animal does arrive deceased we are happy to ship a replacement to you. We do not offer refunds.

The buyer must be present to receive the package on the first delivery attempt or all guarantees are void.

All Shipments can be scheduled at:

Orders will ONLY be shipped to the address listed as the shipping address in your order. Please be sure the information you enter as the shipping address is entered correctly, and please be sure that is the address your order is supposed to ship to. We cannot be held responsible for deliveries made to the address you provided. Please take the time to double-check what you enter is correct - lives very well may depend on it!

Shipping to a FedEx Hub
If you require shipment to a FedEx hub, you must provide the address of the hub as your shipping address, along with instructions to have it held for customer pickup. We cannot ship to a FedEx hub without the address.

Gecko Tails

Geckos drop their tails from time to time, oftentimes for no apparent reason. This is a natural occurrence and most hobbyists do not consider it a defect. In fact, I don't generally discount high-end geckos that have dropped their tails. As such, I cannot be held responsible if tails are dropped during shipping. I've shipped hundreds of geckos and it has only happened a few times, but I feel that it's important to be clear about it upfront.

Guarantee on Sex Determination

When an animal is sold as a male or female, I offer a 100% guarantee to that effect. If a gecko is sold as unsexed, but listed as probable male or probable female, that is only our best estimation. Please realize that the size of the animal will have a direct bearing on how accurate that estimation will be.

For animals sold as a guaranteed male or female, you must double-check the sex of the animal within 72 hours of arrival. In the event an animal appears to be the wrong sex, I must be notified within 72 hours. Otherwise, I will consider our transaction complete. If an animal arrives incorrectly sexed, the animal will be replaced with one of the proper sex or store credit will be issued.

This policy is a tough one for me personally. An incorrectly sexed animal is an incorrectly sexed animal, regardless of when you find out. However, many animals we offer for sale are available only a few times each year, so it's important that I find out as soon as possible if an animal needs to be replaced. In order to ensure that someone doesn't wait several weeks or months to verify the sex of an animal, I feel that this policy is for the benefit of everyone involved.

Orders Must Be Paid in Full Prior to Shipping

We do not ship orders before they have been paid for in full. No exceptions.

Payment Plans

We do offer payment plans at our discretion. Generally, payment plans are offered for animals that are $500+ and spread over 2-3 payments and 2 weeks apart from each other. Each payment plan will be agreed on prior to setting up. Terms must be adhered to or the payment plan will be considered abandoned. At which point no refunds will be given. We cannot be held responsible for impulse buys or customers changing their minds. If you want a payment plan please reach out with the dates that you will be able to make payments and the amount for each payment. Once the last payment has been made you can set up your shipment on the shipping page.


Orders that have not been shipped within 120 days of the date they were placed are considered abandoned. Abandoned orders that have been paid in full are subject to a 50% restocking fee, and the remaining balance will be issued store credit only. Abandoned orders that were on a payment plan will be canceled, and all deposits forfeited as per our terms.

In the event weather is preventing safe shipment within the 120 days, we will gladly hold your reptiles until it is safe to ship. It is the customer's responsibility, however, to let us know as soon as it is safe to ship.

Special Hot and Cold Weather Shipping Service

In some circumstances, we can ship in extremely warm or cold weather using an extra box, cold/heat packs as required (inside and outer box), and shipping directly to your local FedEx hub. This method drives shipping rates and material costs through the roof, and it's not as convenient for the customer, so it is not practical for every shipment. That said, we can do it that way (at little or no charge to the customer) in extenuating circumstances, where safe shipping may not otherwise be possible.

If your order is close to passing the 120-day mark, and your weather doesn't look safe, it is important that you get in touch with us, so that we can make plans to get your reptiles to you safe and sound. Our system maintains these times for us so if you don't reach out it will process the 120 day abandoned order code.


There will be no refunds under any circumstance, NO EXCEPTIONS.
This policy is industry standard when dealing with pet purchases, but I want to be absolutely clear about it upfront. We can't be held responsible for someone changing their mind. If circumstances for you change and you can no longer take care of the animal please reach out and we will take them back but we will not be offering a refund. IF, we offered refunds it would only be under extraneous circumstances. We want everyone to be happy with their new pet please make sure you are prepared to receive your new pet. Please do not order unless you are 100% sure you can afford to buy and care for the animal(s).

By ordering a reptile from this website you are agreeing to our "ALL SALES ARE FINAL" policy.
You will be reminded of that and asked to provide a digital signature (logging your IP address), stating that you agree to these terms upon checkout.

Again, we do not refund money under any circumstance.
Animals that arrive DOA or with health problems will be replaced or store credit will be issued at our discretion. Again, no payments will be refunded under any circumstances.

A Note About Gecko Color
Depending on factors such as environment, stress and the presence of food, the color and/or intensity of the color on most geckos does change drastically. Of course I try to photograph geckos when they are "fired up" and looking their best, but they don't always cooperate.

One of our biggest challenges is the fact that monitor settings vary from computer to computer (even my own laptop and desktop computers look a lot different from each other), so it's literally impossible to make any photograph appear the same on everyone's computer monitor.

Because these factors are out of our control, I regretfully cannot offer refunds due to misinterpretation of color. However, should you receive an animal whose color is not to your satisfaction, please let us know via email immediately (same day), so that you can ship it back in exchange for store credit. The customer is responsible for shipping in this situation. Animals must be returned within 3 business days (customer will be responsible for actual shipping costs both ways). This is something we only offer as a courtesy, and not something that is industry standard, so please be aware that we do not accept animals that have been maintained outside our collection longer than 3 business days.