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This page will contain guides and research for all animals we keep at Lil Monsters Reptiles. If you can't find one right now it is because we are still working on them. We will continue to update and publish our work as it comes out.

Additional to the care guides for each species, you can find details on specific care such as husbandry, books to read, and specific diets that we use here.

Crested Gecko Care and Research

Crested Geckos

Cresteds are a relatively low maintenance species and are one of the most popular pet reptiles for that reason. We love helping our customers dial in their pet's care. Here you will find Quick reference guides that you will receive when you purchase an animal from us and an expanded guide helping to answer some of the more common questions we see.

Our Husbandry

We house all our animals in a tub system individually on paper towels, egg cartons. and plants until they are large enough for their own adult tubs.

We have separate large tubs for Breeding.

We feed a variety of diets and insects

  • Pangea
  • Repashy
  • Crickets
  • Dubias

Guides For New Owners

  • Quick Reference Guide
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Guides For Breeders



Can I house multiple animals with my gecko?

This is a very common question I see discussed in the community. The brief answer is, No generally for the entry hobbyist you will want to house your animals seperately.

The long answer depends on several complex factors that are required for successful cohabitation. The simplest method for cohabbing the same species is a male and female pair. We have seen success with this type of cohabbing year-round and egg production starts and ends naturally. 

My Gecko wwon't eat, what do I do?

Send us pictures so we can check the health and weight. There is a good chance they are eating but you havn't observed it.

A few methods we know work well are dabbing the nose or chin to see them take food.

You can also try insects like Crickets or Dubias.

You can use raw fruit to entice them, such as banana or papaya.

Contact us anyway just for peace of mind and we'll walk you through it.

What morph is my Gecko?

If you bought from our website the morph description and traits will be listed. You can log in and open the original listing.

If you have a ID# it will contain most of the information about dates and parents to help you understand the morph.

Otherwise reference the Interactive Morph Guide and play around with the setting to see if you can "build" your gecko.

How do I handle my gecko?

You can place your hand one in front of the other or use the ladder method where the gecko climbs up your fingers like steps on a ladder.

How do I calm them down?

Try to handle when they are cooler and in the afternoon. Entice them with food to begin to build trust. 

Why are they not fired up?

Most all Crested geckos fire up as a stress response, this response can be good or bad but is still stress. Things that cause them to fire are; food, misting, mating, confined humid hides, being shipped, and some types of bright lighting have been known to get geckos to fire up.

What kinds of bugs do they eat?

We offer Dubias, and Crickets.

Meal worms and Horn worms are ok to offer as a treat.