Tiger and Psudo Melanistic Tiger

This project has roots as far back as Allen, and Gorgeous Gecko. Sabertooth's bloodline started through Allen Repashy and then to Gorgeous Gecko, and now we're working with this Tiger line that produces strong bold tiger bands. Depending on how he's paired he can produce Black or Yellowbase variations. The amount of patterning as described in Foundation Genetics goes a long way in knowing what you will produce from these lines. All in all we hear great things from the breeders in the community working with our line. We try to keep this line free of Dalmatian spots, so far. Unless we find an extraordinary female, we will maintain the dal-free look and Sabertooth has proven to not produce any dal spots unless he is paired to a female with spots. We are NOT spot haters though, but we know how rare it is to find and produce a dal-free line of Tigers. In 2024 we are outcrossing the line to other females and males to further the genetic diversity of the line and maintain it long into the future.

Our favorite characteristics of this line are bold lines that travel across the dorsal from one side of the animal's belly to the other. The line is very consistent and can out-produce itself in many cases. Some of our favorite holdbacks are Nebulosa and Bane. These do not stay in stock long so reach out or snatch them up if you see them.



The Boys

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