Hyper Tangerine

Acquiring Chaos from AC is what would eventually give birth to our Hyper Tangerine line, we added Tangerine to the grunge as a Test. It was a good test so we talked to AC about the results. From that point forward, AC and I talked back and forth about Phantom and Tangerine combos and started to figure out how Tangerine brought the color back and would retain through adulthood while Grunge faded to silver, tangerine was the key! It wasn't until breeding the trait into several Phantoms that I learned how it worked. Today we still talk about the development of this project, and it has spun off in several directions. To the right, you can see the breeders we've produced and purchased, and below some offspring, we've produced from them.

From AC's site he explains how the Tangerine gene behaves similarly to the Leopard Gecko Carrot tail gene. Subsequent generations develop brighter and more intense Tangerine coloration. This has developed into what we call Hyper Tangerine. These pictures look too bright to be real, and when our friends receive their new babies in person, we usually hear "It's soo much brighter in person." We never get tired of hearing that. I'm not sure you can find a brighter colored crested gecko morph, these things absolutely glow in your hand. The Tangerine develops over the first 6-8 months, some hatch bright as day and some develop slowly. The ones that develop slowly seem to be the most intense and look like they are covered in Cheeto dust. This is most likely due to the pigment granules being produced in the topmost layer of the chromatophore. Zoom in on some of the animals below and you will see what I am referring to.