Our Superstripe project started from Hets we discovered in our collection. The first set was with Citrus Glow animals, and the second was in one animal from our Grunge line. Upon producing a significantly consistent 12% across a set of 4 phenotypes the data was difficult to ignore. We then noticed other animals in our collection that produced unrelated Superstripe phenotypes. Examining the phenotype ratio in this advanced phenotype showed that a Het was required to produce the phenotype, otherwise, we would consistently produce normal pins. These animals that produced the Super stripes all came from AC, who originally spawned the Superstripe phenotype that other breeders would later refine. We then started to work on this project and realized that the information discussed in the community by those who do not breed them but have an opinion of them was incorrect. The truth lies in the math no matter how loudly we repeat our opinions.

Reaching out to Hannah at Greeks Gecko, a seasoned Superstripe breeder, for advice, we concluded that we produced the same exact phenotype ratio that all other Superstripe breeders see. The origins of which can all be traced back to AC Reptiles. This really substantiates this trait where we can find a direct line back to a single breeder, tracing that line back further we have found evidence of this phenotype in Repashy's line and ended up acquiring an animal directly from his collection. 

We held back 100% Superstripes in 2019-2021 and since this spawned from our Punks and Citrus lines we have some bright colored and Citrus based Tangerine Superstripes that we have produced.  The Phantom form is also quite interesting, spawning animals like Dark Matter who will be paired in the coming seasons. There is a lot of work to do on with this project still and we can expect to produce an awesome variety as we continue to work at unraveling the complexities of this project. We are now working on a collaboration of data from Greeks Gecko, Wicked Arboreals, and AC Reptiles to complete the genetic correlation of this phenotype for the community.


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