Sakura is an animal we acquired from a private breeder in 2008. We acquired her and her sister, both hatched extremely light-colored and with dark-colored eyes. This phenotype is very similar in appearance to cream-on-cream but lacks the traditional yellowing of the cream. Sakura is the founding animal for this group and we are setting up founding groups to really see how far this line can progress in making a patternless paper-white animal with little to no tiger markings. She produces very light-colored offspring with every male she's paired to. Those males have yet to produce anything quite as white when they are paired to her. Her genetic characteristics seem to pass on consistently.

She has slight blushing in a few of her fired-up pictures, and her tail markings become more defined. Fired down she is nearly identical in color but her dal spots fade to a grey color and she loses any cream coloration. Some of her best offspring are pictured here and she has recently paired with a male from Geckological that seems to be a good fit. Intercrossing groups will happen in 2023 and we can see what the effects of stacking this trait add to the hobby.  

The Boys

The Girls