Our Punks animals developed out of our Grunge Project when we added tangerine to it. Tangerine is what pushes the color back into the phantom citrus which is what causes the silver grunge animals. This was the KEY we needed to unlock the potential of these dark yet colorful Phantoms we originally saw in Chaos. This is one of our signature projects and one of our most requested. However, it is one of our favorite projects to see develop so we usually hold on to many of the ones we produce. Punks were an intermediate line of animals that exhibited nice tigering that was crossed from our Citrus Glow Tigers. This was a stepping stone to the Hyper Tangerine Project. 

When we added hypo citrus tiger animals, we began to see red tigering and blushing. We refer to this red-colored blushing as Strawberry tigering. The red faded early on in several animals, but subsequent generations, like Haruko and Ignite, are retaining the strawberry color well past 4 years of age. Strawberry Blonde and Strawberry Tiger Punks are where we will be adding to this line. 



The Boys