Lavender Purple

Lyla is the origin of our Lavender lines. They have excellent purple hues when fired up and fired down. She was acquired in 2008 and is out of Canada, Doug Healy, and Betty Miskie/Gecko Brothel lines. We have outcrossed this line in several directions and only intercrossed once. Since then we have seen consistent lavender purple tones and recently started to take on blueish tones in our Tangerine and Softscale animals. We also have a dalmatian group that produces some really interesting patterns when crossed to another messy color patterned female we have, you can check out Logan for these animals.

In the picture with Lyla on the Pumpkins, you may notice a purple coloration on the head, there is a distinct line from the cream dorsal to the head. This is due to the cream being somewhat translucent on her head and revealing the lavender hue of her base color. This seems to be an intrinsic characteristic of this line. Several offspring have inherited this, including one of our favorite productions, E!. The purple lavender coloration seems to carry through to about 25-50% of the offspring and these are the ones that transition to paperwhite cream coloration at around 8-14 months. Below you can find some examples of the offspring produced by our lavender breeders pictured on the right. We still have several crosses in mind for this project so stay tuned for further updates.

The Girls