Our dreams of bright Phantoms started in 2011 when we saw an animal from Gecko Brothel. Then we saw, Anthony @ACReptiles had a gecko in his gallery similar in appearance. I sent him an email saying "I'd love to work on this project!" and shared some animals that I wanted to develop it into. He sold me that animal, which we named Chaos. This is one of our earliest projects and has spawned several founding groups. Our Punks animals developed out of our Grunge Project when we added Tangerine to them.

Phantom citrus is what causes the silver-colored grunge animals, we initially weren't expecting these results and developed it over the years into animals like Remy. I can't get enough of these, they go from Citrus-colored phantoms and eventually turn Silver, to gunmetal grey, and are one of the more interesting animals to watch develop and change over the years. Chaos on the right who resembles a black and white newspaper is a prime example of the silver coloration. This is one of our signature projects and one of our most requested. However, it is one of our favorite projects to see develop so we usually hold on to many of the ones we produce.

These animals have little brown coloration, however, we added a red phantom almost a decade ago and that spawned some chocolate-colored animals. Wrath, Okabe, and BHR are some examples of those animals. This split made a group of powdered dark chocolate mocha animals, and have some excellent massive structure. This dark powdered chocolate color is rich and smooth like the drink.

The Girls