Citrus Sun Coral

Creamsicles have been one of our favorite phenotypes since the early 2006 days. They used to come with lower amounts of white coloration, really showing off that BRIGHT Creamsicle orange coloration. The orange creamsicle alone is impressive but there are 2 types. The first is a clean single creamsicle color. The second version is more complex and displays swirls of orange, pink, cream, and yellow, swirling around each other when looking up close to the base. This is a complex Citrus Hypo Tangerine animal that has proven difficult to produce consistently. Fahrenheit was one of our favorites and really highlights this morph's base color well displaying the swirl of coloration. This is a more classic look, over the years a lot of white coloration, something we are trying to add slowly to not over overcome the base and let the orange swirl coloration show through better. 


To the right, you will find some of the different pairings we have done with Mr.C, Fahrenheit, and a few other males over the years to create our creamsicles. We have primarily used Yuki, MrsC, and Fanta for the bright coloration and plan to pair those offspring to MrC we think this will bring the swirls back with the hypo adding complexity to the base. You may notice a black base animal in there, that's Laxus, he's paired with Yuki to add tangerine from both sides to get that extra pop out of some of the ones you see below. After playing with yellow and tangerines over the years I came up with a theory to push hypo from both sides using a 50% spread to analyze how the base formed and it paid off!



The Girls