Citrus/Citrus Glow

If you don't like yellow, well... You should look at this morph one more time. Citrus is what many refer to as "Yellows" in the hobby, but I like Citrus. It has MANY functions though from bright super dals, to clean strawberry blondes, and even silver-colored Phantoms (see Grunge for these). The Citrus gene can range from bright to dull the range is caused by all the other genes that can and are mixed in with these from Hypo to Red, etc. This makes Citrus a crucial building block in several projects. The gene is naturally hypo-melanistic, similar in effect to what Pastel does to Ball Pythons.

We have always had citrus in our collection, it was one of the first 5 animals we acquired, and our lines are from the same place as all our other stock. Since we have so many projects involving Citrus we began crossing them to different groups. This is where our King's Crown name came from. Pride to the right, out of Punks, can be seen showing off just how pronounced his crests are, almost waving in the wind! Kings Crown is similar to a Crowned Crested gecko but with extra-long crest scales that extend down the neck and can even droop from there.

With some of our more recent crosses, we began to notice an uptake in snowflaking and paperwhite walls which came from crossing our Lavenders into the mix. The additional benefit yielded snowflaking white pattern and stacked hypo. You can see some of those animals sold below, or to the right if they are staying here forever! The other side we are working on is, C2 crossed into citrus. We are working directly with Vanilla and Tofu as the founding animals for these and are exclusively used in Project Sakura.

Finally, one of our favorite projects in this category is Yellow Tigers. These were directly inspired by AC Reptiles from his tiger groups. All Might and Kong directly run that project and produce wicked cool thin tiger-banded animals with and without dal spots. These boys also acquired and pass on the King's Crown characteristic.

The Girls