Harley Pin Dalmatian – Crested


Harley, Pin, Dalmatian, with walling and tangerine fringe.

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We’re known for breeding wild patterns and big combo morphs that aren’t usually worked on in the hobby and this girl is an excellent example of that. She has a nice light-colored pattern fringed in tangerine highlights, have a look at her dad to see what she will look like in a few years we feel like she’ll keep the highlighted tangerine color though. Her dalmatian adds to her overall look we were aiming for, these Cresteeds sell really well at reptile shows. She also has a couple of large Bullseye spots that have red in the center of them


Logan X Squiggles


33 grams, 1/18/21




Lavender Dal Group

Base Traits:

  • Lavender


  • Basecolor:
    • Lavender
  • Harlequin
  • Tiger
  • Whitewall
  • Dalmatian

Additional information

Crested Gecko - Morph

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