“Ness” – Harlequin Pinstripe – Crested


Harlequin, Pinstripe, Dalmatian, Lavender

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This is from our Lavender Group. Logan is a Lavender Pinstripe with Dalmatian, has amazing structure and huge crests; a favorite around here. Sasha has some of the wildest patterning that is broken up by her tiger pattern. You can see that in the dorsal pattern of this sweet girl. She has excellent structure and will only get better with age. These are some of my favorite combos and make amazing patterned animals and are great to watch develop and come into their colors as they age.


Logan x Sasha


10 grams, 1/18/21


Female, No pores seen


Lavender Group

Base Traits:

Black to Lavender


  • Basecolor:
    • Black
  • Pinstripe
  • Harlequin
  • Dalmatian

Additional information

Crested Gecko - Morph

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