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LIL MONSTERS Reptiles Recommendation

This is a MUST have for any enthusiast and breeder. This book details and outlines the majority of the Gargoyle morphs in the hobby, the genetic inheritance, breeding, colony management, and the history of the animals. I highly recommend this book to friends and future breeders to help them get a grasp of the hobby and the morphs and how they can spot them in their own collections and others.

Gargoyle geckos, originally from New Caledonia rank among the best and most colorful of the lizards kept as pets. They also come in a wide range of colors and patterns and make outstanding displays in naturalistic vivariums. Because they can be maintained on a commercial powdered diet that is mixed with water, they are among the easiest to maintain of reptiles. Gargoyle Geckos covers all aspects of known natural history, husbandry, captive breeding, and color and pattern variations. It is illustrated with 170 color photos.