C2 Citrus Tiger Dalmatian – Crested


C2, Citrus, Tiger, Kings Crown

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This is from our High color Yellow Citrus C2 tiger group. She’s gorgeous in person and you may have heard us using the term “King’s Crown,” it is a heritable structure that causes some big crest structure that extends past the neck, like a hood. We have focused on massive and impressive structures with wide dorsal for a lot of our collection and this is the result. The C2 came from our original Canadian stock back in 2008 that we crossed to AC Citrus Tiger stuff and some Repashy stuff later on so we have several groups outcrossed and separated, we are lucky enough to have developed our own pairs for this look and have developed the “Kings Crown” structure alongside it making for these impressive animals.


All Might X Winry


11 grams, 1/18/21


Female, no pores seen


Citrus Tiger Groups

Base Traits:

  • Citrus
  • Tiger


  • Basecolor:
    • Citrus
  • C2
  • Tiger
  • Dalmatian
  • Pinstripe

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Crested Gecko - Morph

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