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UPDATED: 1/16/2024


Note that your failure to read our terms and conditions, whether intentional or accidental will under no circumstances be a reason to consider them altered or void. By purchasing from us you are stating that you have read, understood, and accept these terms.

Recommended Shipping Temps.
Normal Shipping: We ship between 60-80 with no cold/heat pack.
Extreme Temps: 38-60 a heat pack is required. (Ships to hub)
Extreme Temps: 80-92 a cold pack is required. (Ships to hub)
Outside of those ranges, we prefer to wait for safe weather and will hold your animal until the weather permits safe shipping.


We are not responsible for carrier delays or mishandling resulting in late arrival of shipments. We do not offer refunds on shipping fees due to late deliveries.

All international shipping incidents must be handled directly through the original breeders. LIL MONSTERS Reptiles is not liable or responsible in any way for deaths during shipping. Animals that may have deceased during transport must be handled directly between the original breeders. we have a no refund policy for shipping once the packages are on their way or if there is any delay or DOA.

All packaging requirements MUST be adhered to, Lil Monsters Reptiles has very strict guidelines for how animals are packaged and protected during transport. Failure to adhere to our standards may result in a permanent ban on our exports.

Health Guarantee:
NO Health Guarantee is offered through international shipping orders all responsibility falls on the original two parties. Lil Monsters Reptiles offers a trusted courier service we do not bear any responsibility for the animals sent or received, nor do we guarantee live arrival.

Lil Monsters Reptiles is not responsible for any veterinary expenses or costs incurred by the buyer for any animal. If you take any animal to a veterinarian, you do so entirely at your own expense.

All animals are visually inspected by Lil Monsters Reptiles to ensure safe travels.

Photos, descriptions, and care sheets posted on our website are the exclusive property of Lil Monsters Reptiles, and may not be used or reused without our specific, written permission.

*Lil Monsters Reptiles reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time and at its sole discretion.

*DOA = Dead on Arrival

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April 2024

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